Satrlend s.r.o. is a member of SATRLEND GROUP, a company that has grown from a small enterprise importing plastic products from Saudi Arabia to a manufacturer and distributor operating in the whole Europe.

The company dates back to 1988 and since then has been constantly evolving and investing in development of production and broadening its import branch. The company was transferred to the Czech Republic because of its location in central Europe and thus excellent placement near main trade routes reaching the entire European continent.

Investment in the development of production led to complete automation of production lines which is reflected in the highest quality of the products. Moreover, our products are friendly to the environment and the entire production process distinguishes itself by causing no environmental contamination.

Our product range is tailored to needs of our customers, which allows us to expand business activities and increase the number of business partners with whom we aim to build lasting and fair business relationships.

More then 800 trading partners prove best our business rightness and professionalism. Our strategy is to continue development and increase business activities in accordance with the requirements of the market, placing emphasis on personal development and corporate social responsibility.